About Me

BodyArtz & Massage offers a unique approach to personal relaxation and pain relief therapies. I am experienced at treating muscle aches and pains; and assisting clients in reducing stress cycles, promoting and inducing relaxation for the client.

Edgar O. Vazquez is a graduate of Austin School of Massage Therapy (2000), with 15 years of rehabilitation and massage experience,  he has worked with some of the best Chiropractic doctors in the city. He specializes in rehabilitative/therapeutic modalities, pre and post surgical conditions, along with neuromuscular techniques.


By learning even more about the human body and how it works on a structual level, I am absolutely convinced that massage therapy works to restore and naturally purify the human body of the toxins and impurities brought on by the toil and stress of everyday life. Aside from the fact that a massage twice, or even once a month can aid in increasing the metabolism, relaxes and refreshes muscles, detoxifies the lymphatic system, improves circulation thru the ENTIRE body, relieves tension pain, relieves fatigue, calms the nervous system, and renews energy...it just feels soooo good!!! Everyone deserves rewards, and massage is the perfect way to treat yourself because its GOOD FOR YOU!!